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Go beyond the access point, and gain visibility into your network performance from the end user perspective. With Aware’s powerful analytics you can truly understand the end users experience whether they are utilizing their mobile device to connect to your loyalty application or an RF scanner to pick, pack and ship. Shine a light on the gray areas of network management and pinpoint the exact reason for performance issues without ever stepping foot onsite.


Simplify asset tracking with a multi-tenant approach that allows you to connect assets with locations, people, organizations, and even issues.


Prevent little issues from turning into BIG problems. Empower users to report issues immediately, and receive detailed analytics for rapid resolution.


Let Aware identify, log, and react to your site's wireless response time. Replacing ``My wireless is slow`` with ``My wireless response slowed to 400 ms.``


Power and productivity go hand in hand for the mobile worker. Old batteries increase operational loss. Know which batteries need to be replaced and when.

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